Ones de Crom #1

Chris Brown and William Winant

Chris Brown i William Winant

May 13, 2007

Electronic music Chris Brown i the percussionist William Winant els porta Bow and Arrow the next 17th of May 2007 in Barcelona. We will choose in this special albums with the participation of all of them like "Cellule 75" by Luc Ferrari i "Xu Feng" by John Zorn. From Brown as a soloist we will listen to "Lava" (1995) and "Rogue Wave" (2005) edited with Tzadik. And from Winant we rescue several interpretations and collaborations in works of other artists as Stockhausen ("Kontakte"), Alvin Curran, Gordon Mumma, Weird Little Boy (with Zorn, Patton and Cochrane) and Sonic Youth.