Ones de Crom #10

Laurie Spiegel 

November 17, 2020

North American composer and performer of mythical computer music of the 70s-80s. Pioneer of computer music and creator of a program to extend and spread this creation. We choose her representative album "The Expanding Universe" (1980) with tracks made between 1974-76 with the system Groove of creative interaction with computer. Reference work where he is influenced by folk music to create sound algorithms of space and deep electronics. A recently re-released album with a lot of new material recorded in those years. We continue with "Unseen Worlds" (1991) where he puts into practice his music creation software Music Mouse.

From "Obsolete Systems" (2001) we hear a theme from 1971 with Buchla synthesizer and an electronic improvisation from 1977. We finish with "Harmonices Mundi" (2003) made in 1975 and included as a sample of music of humanity in the Golden Record of the Voyager II probe.