Ones de Crom #12

Birchville Cat Motel

October 8, 2008
The Australian's individual project Campbell Kneale has maintained an unstoppable rhythm of publications in his career. He practices an experimentation from the sorollòs minimalism, the concrete music, metal, punk and psychodelia. We review excerpts of long themes from his albums such as the initial "Birchville Cat Motel" (1997), "Siberian Earth Curve" (1998), a direct from the 2000 together Bruce Russell by The Dead C, "We Count These Prayers" (2001) i "Long Vanished Spirals" (2002). Sentim també "Supereclipse" (2003) de Black Boned Angelthe
project where he adapts the black-metal and doom ambient, and we continue with other works of 2004 by Birchville Cat Motel com "Chi Vampires", "Beautiful Speck Triumph", "With Maples Ablaze" and "30 Dec 2004" together with Lee Ranaldo. The most recent includes "Our Love Will Destroy". (2006), "Astro Catastrophies" (2007) i "Four Freckle Constellation" i "Gunpowder Temple of
Heaven" from 2008.