Ones de Crom #15

This Heat

April 18, 2011
This vindicated British trio, which existed between 1976-1982, will carry out a post-punk music. experimental with elements of improvisation, rock, industrial music, dub and sound manipulation.
From the box "Out Of Cold Storage" (2006) we offer a review of his entire discography. starting with the originality of the songs from the Peel Sessions "Made Available" (1977) and from the album of debut blau i groc "This Heat" (1979). We continue with the EP "Repeat" (1979) with a theme d'improvisation with metals and with the EP "Health And Efficiency" (1980) by adding veus to a song by pure rock experimentation. From "Deceit" (1981), their last and most outstanding album, we feel diverse themes where more than ever they experiment with rock combined with study techniques as elements of dub music, manipulations of tape recordings and field recordings. To finish the vindication of this trio we listen to a track from the "Live 80/81" live show, leaving a record of one of the most important most influential bands despite their short and distant existence.