Ones de Crom #19

Nate Young

November 24, 2021
From the industrial decadence of Detroit, this member of the group Wolf Eyes presents a solo career with works of slow, ambient, restless and deep electronic music. Author of concrete music and influenced by sound experimenters, primitive rock, EBM and soroll. We have chosen an initial own song from the collective cassette "Solo" (2007) with individual themes also from Wolf Eyes, Spykes and Failing Lights. And we start with "Regression" (2009) his series of works. Regressionwhere this disturbing, experimental and percussive electronica has continuity in other albums that we include as "Stay Asleep (Regression Vol. 2)" (2011), "Regression Vol. 3 (Other Days)" (2012), the EP "Regression-Between Worlds"(1012) and "Regression - Blinding Confusion" (2013). We have chosen a track published in digital from Nate Young and John Olson "Piano and Reeds" (2018) on piano and winds join together with their manipulated electronic sounds. And from the new series of works initiated with "Volume One. Dilemmas Of Identity" (2019) we hear new electronic contributions both rhythmic and dense and paused, completed with "Volume Two.
Nightshade" (2019) and an amb veu track from "Volume Three: Dance Of The Weeping Babe" (2019).