Ones de Crom #4

Igor Wakhévitch

11 March 2020. This French composer's avant-garde is found in his works of contemporary, electronic, psychedelic and minimalist music published in the 70's and some of them nowadays. He contributed music to an opera-poem by Salvador Dalí and was influenced by the thought of the cabalistic, Hindu, ritual, Christian and occultist world, being a master in electronic sounds, percussions and sonorous atmospheres. His works from the 70's have been reedited a few years ago by the Barcelona label Fauni Gena. We listen to "Logos" (1970), "Docteur Faust" (1971), "Hathor" (1973), "Les Fous D'Or" (1975), "Nagual (Les Ailes De La Perception)" (1977), "Let's Start" (1979), "Etre Dieu" by Salvador Dalí (1985), "Ahata Anahata (L'Audible Et L'Inaudible)" (2007) and "Kshatrya (The Eye Of The Bird)" (2019).