Ones de Crom #9

Nova Psicodèlia Underground

October 15, 2009
Recent groups and musicians have practiced a new psychedelia based on styles such as repetitive minimalism, deep electronic elements or the experimental free folk of previous North American bands. With works on CDRs, cassettes and limited edition vinyls, we start with North American bands like Barn Owl and his mixture of raga and folk of "Bridge To The Clouds" (2007), the dramatic psychodelia of Magic Lantern a "Magic Lantern" (2008) or Sun Araw a "Beach Head" (2008), Huaraches and their American-primitive folk of "S/T" (2009) and the female duo Pocahaunted with a theme of repetitive and lo-fi exotic psychedelia from "Island Diamonds" (2008). From France High Wolf combine minimalism and tropical psychedelia in "High Wolf" (2009) and the americans Master Musicians of Bukkakke a "Totem One" (2009) recovers the style of the Sun City Girls in joining American folk and desert blues to Hindu, gamelan, exotic and psychedelic music from the 70s. In Finland we find two electro-acoustic projects, music with toys, samplers and percussions by Jan Anderzén. First els Kemialliset Ystävät with "Alkuharka" (2004) and after that Tomutonttu with "Ehdottelee" (2005). We finish with the improvisation between two Finnish musicians and an American from Aan Meet Eyes Like Saucers with "Kristallivirta" (2008). The good state of the current underground psychedelia today in the program!