Rizoma #8

January 2022

Rota. From Root to Noise (Part Two)

A festival of experimental music and sound art.
Direction and curatorship: Selu Herraiz
Co-direction and curatorial assistance: Elena Azzedin
Organized by AADK Spain in Blanca and Murcia on November 18, 19 and 20, 2021 in Blanca and Murcia.

00:00 / Intro of the program: soundtrack by Ceola Turnstal and Vulkana
00:47-10:31 Performance with sound sculpture with harmonograph from the series "Geomancies"/ Jorge Barco
10:34-26:59 Live excerpts from the album Ansatz / Nara is Neus
27:00-41:00 Fragment of the live / AMAS
41:00-47:10 Excerpt from the live album Ruda / Ruda
47:00.59:59 Excerpt from live / Artificer
Text: Vulkana