Rizoma #9

February 2022

Monograph on Susana Lopez aka Susan Drone

00:00 / Intro of the program: soundtrack by Ceola Turnstal and Vulkana

01:39 Looms / Counting Thunderclaps / Susana Lopez
06:10 Looms / Autumn Equinox / Susana Lopez
30.17 Huldra (Side B Split) / Electronic Ectoplasm / Label: Cristal Mine /Susan Drone
38:18 Huldra (Side B Split). Sound as Weapon / Label: Crystal MIne /Susan Drone
45:22 Chronicle of a kidnapping. Black Light / Seal: Elevator Bath /Susan Drone
56:28 Aesthetic Tragedy/ Patterns / Futuristic Lists - Susan Drone and Ana Lana

Text: Vulkana. Fragments extracted from the Procedimentum magazine-fanzine.