Space Oddity Recollection #13

July 2020


SciFiSol's driven electronics, awash with psychedelic rhythm and texture, shimmer with a hauntingly strange and exotic sheen. Born from dusty metal machines in search of telepathic connection, his sound reaches through the chaos of static to capture a utopian dream within us. Truly an electronic chameleon, his releases and live performances express a wide range of styles, including darkwave, experimental, leftfield IDM and techno. The work of SciFiSol has been described by Dave Segal of The Stranger as a "enchantingly distinctive sound that explores some profoundly mysterious psychedelic realms". His solo electronic live set features a series of intermingled hardware machines that lay the groundwork for his wandering vocal forays into ambient improvisation, where every second has an unknown tone.

The selected tracks in the mix are as follows:

Solar Drift (feat. SciFiSol) - Sun Reflection
SciFiSol - Alchemy
SciFiSol - Obsidian (pt.2)
SciFiSol - Twist her
SciFiSol - Power Chair
SciFiSol - Slippingaway
SciFiSol - Demon Cloud


Twitter @scifisol

Enjoy the mix, July 2020'.
produced by monikapich