Space Oddity Recollection #17

December 2020

Gino Favotti

The structured, spatial sound/ multiphonic electroacoustic music by the French composer Gino Favotti. Bassist, violinist, practicing from the end of 78 to 2000 in a few punk-rock or experimental groups. He is also a professor of electroacoustic composition at Conservatoire du 20ème (Georges Bizet), in Paris.

The compositions used in this mix were produced between 1989 and 2018, are as follows:

*Algerie (1996)
*Lady Gosse (1993/94)
*Omaggio Stéreo  (2000)
*Je me souviens de M Perec (1996)
*Suite cavatine mouvement 1 ( 1989)
*J’Suis malade (2017)
*P’tit Peroux (1998 )
*Fantaisie Lyrique (1990)
*PSEA : Punk Synphonia Adroide Europa  (2018)

Link to the podcast "La vie est un roman" - artist's self-portrait:

Enjoy the mixtrack, December, 2020

produced by monikapich