Space Odditty Recollection #21

April 2019


Kritzkom, is the solo project of Marine Drouanelectronic music producer, field recordist and composer of film and performance soundtracks. This mix will include some tracks from the album Fuzziness released by Jollies in 2021, as well as excerpts from his previous albums: Melt Map published by Were To Now? in 2019 and Oscillopsea released by Disorientation in 2016. The music of Kritzkom is composed of modular synthesis, field recordings, rhythmic sequences, melodies, textures and crunchy rhythms.
All this creates hypnotic sensations and imaginary landscapes.

The tracks used in the mix:

* Stars Generetions - Fuzziness (cassette & digital released by Jollies, 2021)
* Positive Pole - Fuzziness
* The Shore - Melt Map (cassette & digital, released by Disorientation, 2019).
* Left - Fuzziness
* One Day After - Melt Map
* (Aschka remix) - Oscillopsea (cassette & digital, released by Where To Now?, 2016)
* Vibrations - Fuzziness
* Fog - Fuzziness
* Point Subantarctic - Oscillopsea
* Asteria - Fuzziness
* Base A - Oscillopsia
* Secret Island - Melt Map

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Enjoy the mix, April, 2021'.
produced by monikapich