Space Oddity Recollection #22

May 2021

Every Man is a World

Fragments of live recordings of a performance titled Every Man is a Worldin instrumental theater format. It took place on March 12, 2021 at 7 Gwarna Street in Poznań, Poland, as part of the project entitled. All That is Permanent Dissolves in the Air in the windows of the University of Arts in Poznań. Free from the axis of plot and cause-effect sequences, and subject to the laws of chance, the action of the performance occurred spontaneously. The performance combined a piece of music with the actors' movements and gestures, as well as phonetically treated words, light and staging; all these elements were completely subordinate to each other, creating a network of dependencies. The presence of actors and props evoking the sensory character of the space influenced the structure of the musical composition. The instrumental actors became part of the score of the work, which was based on fragments of poetry from the 1984 volume entitled Every Man is a World of the Swedish poet Gunnar Ekelöf. It is a poetry of rational contrasts, contrasts and paradoxes, still valid in today's world.

Concept and direction:
Monika Pich

The participants of the performative action were:
Misia Żurek
Monika Wińczyk
Monika Pich
Darek Franek aka Myśliwy
Grzegorz Ciemny -Ciemnoczołowski
Paweł Kaszczyński
Tomasz Misiak
Wojtek Siejak

Content of the mix:
* Excerpts from recordings outside the showcase, before and after the performance.
* Sound from inside the showcase.
* Poem by Gunnar Ekelöf Weź i pisz read by Monika Pich

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Enjoy the mix, May 2021′
produced by monikapich