Space Oddity Recollection #25

September 2021

Lisa von Mond

Lisa von Mond is an electronic music producer, who also performs as a DJ under the name Lisa de Lune. She is a member of the LGBTQ group Kosmos & Krawall in Hamburg. They are organizing events and hosting workshops and open sessions for the DJs from FLINTA. Lisa has a classical piano education and also studied Cultural Science and Sound. She has written her thesis on one of her favorite objects which is the Tibetan singing bowl. In this program, her ambient chillout tracks influenced by dub and slowhouse music are mixed with fragments of my field recordings made in 2019 '.

* What does Lisa like?
- aesthetics of lasers, erotic voices, clouds, bees, seashells, iridescent textures, dizziness, meditation, flow & easy life and modern fairy tales.

Lisa's music:

Disfruta la mezcal, September 2021 ', produced by monika pich