Space Oddity Recollection #30

February 2022

Rafał Iwański a.k.a X-NAVI:ET

A mantric sound show comprising pieces from various music albums, composed and recorded by Rafał Iwański a.k.a X-NAVI:ET. This name belongs to one of the gods of the future and demon of chaos. Rafał Iwański is a sound artist, percussionist and ethnologist by training. He creates electroacoustic music composed of sounds from electronic and acoustic instruments, as well as found sounds. His music resonates with drone sounds accompanied by delays/loops, effects and layers of trance sounds made by live instruments. He also co-creates with groups such as: Kapital, Voices of the Cosmos, Hati, Innercity Ensemble and Alameda5.

The selected tracks used in the mix are as follows:

  • X-Navi:Et - Technosis - Orient Melancholia

  • X-Navi:Et - Machina Nova Vox Paradox - Neo Primitiv

  • X-Navi:Et - Technosis - Pseudo-Ambient

  • X-Navi:Et - Dead City Voices - Garden Paradox

  • X-Navi:Et - Technosis - 08 - Alchemy of Sounds

  • X-Navi:Et - Machina Nova Vox Paradox - Vox Paradox

  • X-Navi:Et - Aurum II

  • X-Navi:Et - Aurum I

  • X-Navi:Et - Machina Nova Vox Paradox - Pseudo

  • X-Navi:Et - Technosis - Oto Technosis

  • X-Navi:Et - Untitled_track05/03


Enjoy the mix, February 2022′, produced by monikapich.