Space Oddity Recollection #31

March 2022

Melophobia_Dimitris Tsironis

Melophobia - an experimental project launched in Greece in 2001 by Dimitris Tsironis (Δημήτρης Τσιρώνης). It is a sonic diary of electroacoustic, drone music, improvisation, sound art, avant garde, concrete music, ambient and field recordings. All sounds are elaborated and assembled through various analog sources. Dimitris Tsironis also operates 1tracktape & Default Standard Records. He curates compilations with multinational artists and collaborates with musicians from all over the world. He explores the past to reconstruct and disseminate music created over a hundred years ago through his label. He explores the past by reconstructing and releasing music created more than a hundred years ago through his label 1tracktape, but also brings together new contemporary artists for the series New Moonwhen a different artist each time launches a new work under the influence of a new moon.


The selected tracks used in the mix are as follows:

*Spare Chance X melophobia - Olympus Cosmos (☉) - 03 (☉) (☉) (☉) (☉)

*Los Melomiedos - Endless Dream - 01 in the middle of the night (Ι)

*Spare Chance X melophobia - Olympus Cosmos (☉) - 06 (☉) (☉)

*BroodingSideOfMadness & melophobia - Serpent Noir - Rouge - 01 Serpent Noir (ΚΑΔΜΟΣ)

*melophobia - Words, Words, Words (The Living Lie) - 12 Hsyhia

*melophobia - eurus - 06 disc e_02- Plagiarhyme.X (edit)

*melophobia - eurus - 09 disc e_05- æther Ι, a sonic haiku -Spare Chance-

μελωφοβία - Ελλληνική Αεροναυπηγι - 02 το αμάρτημα του Γιάνννη

*melophobia - eurus - 12 disc e_08- (church love)

*δ(ν) - rd17-18.10.15trp

*μελωφοβία - Ελλληνική Αεροναυπηγι - 01 στα όρη; στα βουνά

*melophobia - eurus - 25 disc o_04- HitchHiker AL (n.d. edit)

*c̅ Fernando Bocadillos - REC GEE NEAT GRAIN II - 04 birthday béton

*melophobia c̅ Fernando Bocadillos - REC GEE NEAT GRAIN I - 05 mmmmhhhh . the lonely murmuring of two



Enjoy the mix, March 2022′, produced by monikapich.