Space Oddity Recollection #33

May 2022

Ciro Berenguer a composer from Argentina, who lives in Barcelona. His inspirations come from diverse musical traditions and genres ranging from contemporary European music, through jazz and folk, to South American and African rhythms. He creates his own compositions for live instruments, found objects and electronics, and adds field recordings to his music. In addition to his solo music, mainly improvised, he collaborates with other artists, including the project Sokkyō with Heine Christensen. This mix contains excerpts from their joint album "Long Forgotten Memories" and several of Ciro's solo tracks, including those that are part of an ongoing project of improvised live sessions aimed at combining the meditative and introspective world of yoga with ambient music.



Enjoy the mix, 'May 2022', produced by monikapich

The selected tracks used in the mix are as follows:

* The morning without artifice
* Yoga and sounds 5th anniversary
* Yoga and healing sounds spring 2020
* Yoga and sounds VII
* The night before sleep I
* Live impro 230122
* Long Forgotten Memories:
01 Meadow
02 Watermarks
03 Night at Carol