Space Oddity Recollection #34

June 2022

Christina Chra Nemec - an Austrian music and radio producer, bassist, theater specialist, TV presenter and DJ. Christina Nemec has been creating music since the 1980s, in the areas of metal/noise and experimental sounds. She performs her music under the pseudonym Chra and as Dark Passenger alongside a musician known as Irradiation. She has released many solo music albums and also co-creates several projects, including the queer-feminist performance group SV Damenkraft and the drone-noise group Shampoo Boy. Christina Nemec runs the queer-feminist label Comfortzone together with Konstantin Drobil. He creates the Outro podcast for Radio Orange and the Ghost Sounds Wood Noise podcast for TeslaFM.


The songs and excerpts presented in this mix come from several of their original albums:

* SEAMONS, 2020
* On a fateful morning, 2017
* Empty Airport, 2015
* Shirley M EP (split), 2013



Enjoy the mix, June'22, produced by monikapich