Space Oddity Recollection #36

September 2022

Lucius Works Here

Shak Benavidesthe solo artist behind the project Lucius Works Here. He is a great connoisseur of the history of popular and avant-garde music, dj and electronic artist proud to belong to the queer and autistic community. He is the owner and director of TeslaFM and for some time now he has been focusing his interest on the sounds and composers of the 19th century, an era little studied and yet forgotten these days.
In this mix we will listen to music from his latest albums. The one titled  "Stopped in Time." premiered in 2018 and is dedicated to the intellectuals and artists of the 19th century: Camille Claudel, Claude Debussy, Virginia Woolf, Erik Satie, Lewis Carroll, Emma Goldman and the Nikola Tesla. It is a hauntological journey to the very heart of a revolt against the modern world.

Another album entitled "The spirit of the times."released in 2022, contains moving and personal sounds. Suggestive and experimental, it is loaded with historical and philosophical references that are the common thread of this sound creation. Benavides captures the sounds and atmosphere of that era and uses sound resources in an unusual way to shape songs that oscillate between minimalism and ambient, making his project unique in today's national and international music scene.


Enjoy the mixtrack, September 2022', produced by monikapich