Space Oddity Recollection #38

November 2022

Jez riley Frencz and Phoebe riley Law.

A creative, inspiring and perceptive experience in a father-daughter relationship, moments of complexity in ever-changing interactions.

Jez Riley Frencz focuses extensively on sound as both material and subject matter. In his work, he uses a variety of formats (installations, intuitive compositions, scores, films, photographs and texts) to explore places, sounds that are beyond our attention and our responses to localized materials. Alongside performances and exhibitions, he lectures and conducts workshops on localized sound as an art form. He has developed a range of specialized microphones and techniques, now widely used by recordists, sound artists, musicians, sound designers and cultural organizations.
He extensively records surfaces, spaces and situations, bets on geolocalized sound walks and develops the concept of photographic scores. The works presented involve the sounds of the Dolomites dissolving, ants consuming fallen fruit, buildings resonating, the cable car interacting with the locals, the infrasound of domestic spaces, melting glaciers and the tonal resonances of natural and human objects in the landscape.

Pheobe Riley Law often explores the documentation and transformation of materials, including reformatted sounds, texts, films and objects. She is interested in reformulating and dismantling narrative, subverting perceived normalities along with the construction of personal or social behaviors and inherent patterns of experience.


Enjoy the mixtrack, November 2022', produced by monikapich