Space Oddity Recollection #39

December 2022


A mix of electric sound experiments from Darek Garczyka Polish musician and poet who hides under the pseudonym of Ch'eehGidi. The featured material is an improvised sound session entitled 'R the first year', which was recorded on September 22, 2022, using a delay effect and an electric guitar tuned to 432 Hz, which is the most natural frequency, often called cosmic. It results in emotional and ambient spaces that evoke calm and meditative moods. Undoubtedly, a very important role in this project was played by Darek Franeka poet, musician, and music curator, who sparked the creation of this album and inspired Darek Garczyk to perform. The complete audio material with a duration of 75 minutes can be found on the website:

Enjoy the mixtrack, December 2022', produced by monikapich