Teoría Incertidumbre #20

Fuyuki Yamakawa's heart used as a musical instrument.

Excerpt from the conference Is all that vibrates music? From Chantal Maillard.
Ark - Last night (2017) - Ark.
My name is Sebastian - At the same time (2020) - 10 of swords.
Excerpt from Fuyuki Yamakawa's presentation at the Fast Foward festival (2010)
Espinoza Espinoza - rCP20 (2020) - FUN1R4.


"I started using my heart in my performances around 2002-2003."
"I'm more interested in the vibration produced by sound than in music."

"I realized that art was an imported concept, rooted in Western culture, and suddenly I saw my colleagues creating works that conformed to imported ideals. I began to ask myself, what do I have that is mine? Another reason was that my band broke up when everyone started working after we graduated. I started working as an assistant at the same university and decided to start a one-man band. The heart became my drum and I sang and played the heartbeat/drum."

About the audience: "I just want them to resonate, to physically understand that they are alive. When they hear my heartbeat, they feel their own heartbeat. Once they understand that, I don't care if they laugh, cry or meditate. It depends on the audience."