Is everything that vibrates music? - Chantal Maillard

Chantal Maillard, Poet and philosopher, explorer of the interdisciplinary nature of the arts, National Poetry Prize (2004) and National Critics Prize (2008).

Interweaving reading and reflection, along the lines of the work itself. (The Standing Woman, The Difficult Compassion, The Wound on the Tongue) and with the help of some non-Western sources such as Indian cosmology and its theory of dramaturgy, he will introduce us to an understanding of the universe as vibration and resonance, a worldview that can be deduced from both the latest postulates of physics -from quantum to string theory as well as some of the most ancient intuitions bequeathed to us by other civilizations. If the universe is sonorous, will the mind that perceives it also be sonorous? This is one of the questions that will lead us to consider the urgent need to learn to listen.

March 2, 2020, Palau de la Música.