Transdata #2

January 2023

Welcome to the second program of TRANSDATA, a selection of music proposed by the Mauri and Toni made especially for TeslaFM and where there is room for any type of music that provokes the active listening of the ear.

Today we have prepared for all of you a "non stop" session based on ambient music with touches of electronic experimentation.

We hope you like it, and, by the way, Bon Any a tothom.


01. Furtherset - To Live Tenderly Anew
02. Frieder Nágel - Into the Open
03. Technical Itch - TI-AT001-C
04. Joachim Spieth - Ultradian
05. Hierarchy - Two Figures
06. Grad U - Adenocarcinoma
07. Aidan Baker & Gareth Davis - Names
08. Dag Rosenqvist - På Vidösterns Is
09. Netherworld - Ursus maritimus
10. Eril Fjord - Bolea