Espace Plein #5

February 2020

Espace plein number 5 is a sensitive search for the acoustic properties of spaces, consisting of four exercises.

1. The blue room, the resonance space is activated by the voice, a stove and 4 bodies playing with the walls.

2. The ocarina dialogue. This is a walk, looking for the echoes in the valley.

3. Feedback with nature. Consists of a recorded soundscape that is released through a loudspeaker into nature and then re-recorded, in the same place. Repeated twice.

4. Some synth sounds thrown into the wild and some responses.

This program is an experimental trial and would not have been possible without the assistance of Josman, Elena, Selu, Zara and La Cubana. Nor without the invaluable help of geographical and geological forms that build the acoustics of the soundscape, and thanks to the beings who composed. We must listen to biodiversity, understand the language of flora and fauna and we will reconnect with our origin. Recorded by Ursula Bravo from collective 2.5.5for TeslaFM. Blanca, Murcia, Spain 2020.