Flushing Toilets #12

March 2020

Special dedicated to the duo of Vienna of harsh noise / noisecore Fall Into Dry Lungs
Fall Into Dry Lungs are: Christoph F. & Petar S.

01. Presentation by the band itself: discovering noise and descending into it deeply.
02. Ritualistic practices practiced by FALL INTO VOID RECS_2018
03. As I noticed, the name of the band is the mixture of both personal projects..: Dry Lungs Records and Fall into Void Recs, am I wrong, or is it the opposite? In this case, what about the name... did you relate the noise with this concept? because one of the symptoms of dry lungs is chest pain....Do you think your music could transmit that feeling? for example, when you play live? And the whole name would be something like: surrender to our emotional noise pain?
04. I. _from Antisocial Behavior_ published by HARSH NOISE LONDON_2018.
05. III. Antisocial Behavior_published by HARSH NOISE LONDON_2018
06. In the interview in Naples, you both explained that you think you play two types of noise, could you explain that in more detail?
07. I. _from Buried in the Woods_published by DRY LUNGS RECORDS_2018
08. What are your feelings about noise? at least for me it is therapeutic in a very extreme way, but I am curious about your feelings about it.
09. III. from Buried in the Woods_produced by DRY LUNGS RECORDS_2018
10. A message from Fall Into Dry Lungs to Coronavirus and the last question remains: If you had to create the most extreme noise band, what would you choose, a 4 members band only?