He was born in Futaleufú, Chile in February 1983. A merchant seaman for ten years, he traveled around several countries washing dishes during the day and entertaining the crew at night, until he settled in Santa Cruz de Tejeda, where he currently lives with his cat Macedonia. Soon after settling down, he did quite well. He is now a bookseller by default, monster collector, misguided transvestite and occasional musician. He dances beautifully. Sometimes he writes on paper. He also does other things. He would always prefer not to.


Locus Solus is a radio program in which sound paths are proposed.
imagined from writing, both essays and fiction or other forms in which the sound and music are thought from the word. Each section will then be a book route, sonorous riverrun to cross the reading and to interlace references. Miniatures possible of an endless text. An attempt at an itinerant bibliophile cabaret.

Produced by mnstrnvst


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