DavidLostBarcelona 1976. DJ and owner of the specialized store Lostracks Records. With more than 20 years of experience DavidLost is a versatile and eclectic dj. His sessions include the darkest sounds of wave, E.B.M and trance, through house and italo, to techno and acid from the beginnings of electronic music. He has played in the most important clubs in Barcelona, he was resident of the MOOG club; the national ones: Specka (Madrid), Jimmy Jazz, Kubik (Vitoria), Kafe Antzokia (Bilbao) and in the international ones: Jackson Pollock Bar, Drifters Club (Freiburg), Sameheads (Berlin).


Lostracks Records performs a program of impressions and lost mixes with all the baggage between the 80′ and the most current of the Dark Ambient Wave and Industrial scene.

Produced by David Lost.

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