Text: Dani Blue.

According to Greek mythology museo (in Latin musaeum) was the house of the muses. Nine deities that according to the fable inhabited the Parnassus or the Helicon presided by Apollo. All of them were sisters who personified the arts and sciences. Thus, Calliope of Epic Poetry, Clio of History, Erato of Lyric Poetry, Euterpe of Music, Melpomene of Tragedy, Polimnia of Pantomime, Talia of the Comedia, Terpsichore of Dance and Urania of Astronomy. Its main raison d'être was the protection of the mentioned arts and the inspiration to artists. 
ContemporaryThe chronologically simultaneous, that which exists at the same time as something taken as a reference.
These one-hour capsules present contrasting sound artifacts that embrace different aesthetic currents but with the common denominator of belonging to the so-called 20th century. "Contemporary Music".. Each Contemporary Museum The exhibition includes a selection of musical pieces in the fields of academic music, field recording, drone music, phonetic/sound poetry, collage or electronic music that induce us to exercise the "art" to see the music, to stop time or to levitate by exercising creative listening or the "deep-listening". The aesthetic and/or philosophical foundations of each artist are exposed in these avant-garde and exploratory works, the result of the search for freer forms of sound/musical expression in accordance with the complexity of the new paradigms that modern society brings us. Most of these works date from the second half of the 20th century. With the trauma of the apocalyptic world wars, the existentialist currents of thought, the impetuous advance of technology or the influence of music from distant cultures, these creators seek a language that allows them to build a discourse capable of reflecting their intellectual, existential, moral, etc... concerns. They are sound exhibitions that stimulate the involvement of the listener by offering a journey through different stylistic paths where abstraction gives way to free interpretation, generating highly particular and intimate emotions depending on the receiver and betting on new concepts regarding musical creation or the same sound fact itself. 
Just like the muse Euterpe, Teslafm protects and showcases the cultured and enriching music for the human soul and shelters it in Contemporary Museum, which is a true reflection of a large part of the universe of our station. 

They are broadcast in rotation and can be listened to in streaming.

Musical selection blocks 1 to 12, and 18 to 26 by: Ishak Benavides.
Musical selection blocks from 13 to 17 by: Stahlfabrik.