Ones de Crom #13


February 19, 2009
From a remote part of Houston, this enigmatic musician has published more than 50 albums since 1978. Although the information about who he was and how he self-published his work with his own music is scarce and mysterious, he has
the Cornwood Industries label, this austere, cathartic and melancholic folk-blues singer-songwriter has been vindicated by many artists with several tribut albums. We review part of his discography from his solo acoustic albums "Ready For The House" (1978), "Six and Six" and "Later On" (1981).
We continue with "Chair Beside A Window" (1982), where he incorporates other guests on drums and vocals, with "Interstellar Discussion" (1984), "Blue Corpse" (1988) and "The Living End" (1989). From the 90's we can hear songs from "Lost Cause" (1992), "Twelfth Apostle" (1993) and "White Box Requiem" (1996).
In the 2000's he has continued until nowadays his intense productive rhythm, we can hear "What Else Does The Time Mean" (2006). It is from 2004 that he will be seen in numerous concerts in Europe and the USA, of which we feel "Newcastle Sunday" (2006) together with "What Else Does The Time Mean" (2006). Richard Youngs al baix i Alex Neilson on drums. One of the most honest referents of today's strange and intimate folk-blues!