Ones de Crom #21

Mark Applebaum

17 de gener 2018
Composer, pianist, inventor and performer of electro-acoustic instruments such as the mousetrap or the mouseketier, we listen to his discography where we can find from classical and chamber music to sound collage, remixes of own themes or pieces with instruments made with amplified objects or sound sculptures.
We listen to their experimentation with rock, funk and humor from their first album "Your Parents Hate Me" (1989), the remixes and sound reworks of performances of his own compositions in "The Janus ReMixes-Exercises In AutoPlundering" (1999) and two songs, one of his own composition on piano and another one with sound collage, from "Catfish" (2003). From "Martian Anthropology" (2004) we hear a theme composed for orchestra and electronics, from "Intellectual Property™" (2004) an electro-acoustic track and from "The Bible Without God" (2005) a contribution to Merce Cunnigham's dance company made with his mouseketier instrument.
From "56 1/2 Ft. (2006) we add a part of the composition "Sum=Parts" and from "Sock Monkey" (2008) a new one. orchestral contribution between classical and improvisation.