Uncertainty Theory #18

Blackstar by David Bowie related to occultism.

Scott Walker - Epizootics! (2012) - Bish Bosch
David Bowie - Quicksand (1971) Hunky Dory
Elvis Presley - Blackstar (1960)
David Bowie - Blackstar (2016)


Each person is a star and following his own will makes his own path. Self-determination. Theories that say that the age of Aquarius was the beginning of postmodernism, the fashions in the 60's that popularized a lot of occult themes. Bowie has described himself as a postmodern Buddhist.

The androgynous nature of Ziggy Stardust occultly represents a state of high spiritual level. In occultism, the highest stage of enlightenment is achieved through the internalization of duality and the balance between opposing forces - good and evil, active and passive, masculine and feminine. This concept is symbolically represented by the cuckolded, hermaphroditic god Baphomet. It is also represented in alchemical symbolism as the Alchemical Androgyne.- 

Ziggy Stardust also embodies the opposition of the spiritual and material worlds: While he represents a high level of spiritual enlightenment, he was also a bisexual, promiscuous rock star involved in heavy drug use.
Contrary to Major Tom who ascended from earth to heaven, Ziggy Stardust descends from the "heavens". He is a "superior being", who takes the form of a human being in order to communicate a message, not unlike Jesus Christ.



"What I really like about his songwriting is the way he can paint a picture with what he says. I have no idea what he's singing about and I never bothered to find out and I'm not really interested. I'm happy to take the songs he sings and make something out of them, and I read my own reasoning into the images and all that, which is how I use the music personally. I build my own worlds from the music I listen to. It's rarely important to me what was the reason someone wrote something, I don't really care. so his songs are really useful. they're useful for everyday life!"

In the lyrics of the songs of Bowieqabbalah, qabbalah, occultism and nostalgia appear as statements of an aesthetic impression, even as a collection of infinitely combinable cultural links (exquisite corpses through the cutting technique). They seem to fit together, but even when they do not calm down, there are still creative witnesses / perceivers.

Bowie created an atmosphere of cultural smoke and mirrors quite accidentally in which its audience was invited to explore their limits and to see themselves as pioneers in the search for the next release of correlations, unions or links and their own transitional stages of associations. You can manipulate every word and every symbol to extract global and gnostic information to suit any desired outcome or explanation for any application. Do it in style. Thus, only islands of meaning emerge in a sea of reference streams, and these are often just quotes, borrowed and phrase-based, or pure rhetoric. Often, however, it seems that sensitivity can run into a vacuum. Creativity, here one suspects, is, therefore, quiet often less the solution than the problem.


I'm closer to the Golden Dawn
I am closer to the Golden Dawn,

Immersed in Crowley's uniform
immersed in Crowley's uniform

Of imagery
of the images.

I'm living in a silent film
I live in a silent movie,

Portraying Himmler's sacred realm
portraying the sacred world of Himmler.

Of dream reality
Dream of reality,

I'm frightened by the total goal
I am afraid of the total goal.

Drawing to the ragged hole
Irregular hole drawing

And I ain't got the power anymore
and I no longer have the power.

No, I ain't got the power anymore
No, I no longer have the power.

I'm the twisted name on Garbo's eyes
I am the twisted name in Garbo's eyes,

Living proof of Churchill's lies, I'm destiny
living proof of Churchill's lies, I am destiny.

I'm torn between the light and dark
I am torn between light and dark,

Where others see their targets, divine symmetry
where others see their goals, the divine symmetry.

Should I kiss the viper's fang?
Should I kiss the viper's tusk

Or herald loud the death of Man
or to announce aloud the death of Man?

I'm sinking in the quicksand of my thought
I sink into the quicksand of my thoughts

And I ain't got the power anymore
and I no longer have the power.

Don't believe in yourself, don't deceive with belief
Do not believe in yourself, do not deceive with your belief.

Knowledge comes with death's release
Knowledge comes with liberation from death.

I'm not a prophet or a stone-age man
I am not a prophet or a man of the Middle Ages,

Just a mortal with the potential of a superman
but only a mortal with the potential of a superman,

I'm living on
I am living.

I'm tethered to the logic of Homo Sapien
I am tied to the logic of Homo Sapiens,

Can't take my eyes from the great salvation
I cannot take my eyes off the great salvation

Of bullshit faith
of shitty faith.

If I don't explain what you ought to know
If I don't make myself clear, you should know,

You can tell me all about it on the next Bardo
you can tell me about him for the next one, Bard.

I'm sinking in the quicksand of my thought
I sink into the quicksand of my thoughts

And I ain't got the power anymore
and I no longer have the power.

Don't believe in yourself, don't deceive with belief
Do not believe in yourself, do not deceive with your belief.

Knowledge comes with death's release
Knowledge comes with liberation from death.

Don't believe in yourself, don't deceive with belief
Do not believe in yourself, do not deceive with your belief.

Knowledge comes with death's release
Knowledge comes with liberation from death.


"The Golden Dawn was a magical secret society, a crown jewel of occult revivalism that flourished in the late 19th century and taught a unique blend of Jewish mysticism (called Kabbalah or Kabbalah), astral travel, magic, yoga (also practiced by Bowie) and how to communicate with angels and demons. For the latter communion it was first necessary to empty the mind, to make room for the unknown to enter - something that bears a strong resemblance to Bowie's 'cut-up' method of writing lyrics."

Peter R. KoenigThe Laughing Gnostic - David Bowie and the Occult. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (originally in English, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn) was a fraternity of ceremonial magic and occultism founded in London in 1888 by William Wynn Westcott, Samuel MacGregor Mathers and William Robert Woodman. It is currently a "society" Hermetic of western esoteric secret character. A depository of hermetic, cabalistic, alchemical knowledge and of the Rosicrucian magical tradition, among others.

Edward Alexander Crowley (England October 12, 1875 - Hastings, East Sussex, ibid. December 1, 1947), better known as Aleister Crowleywhose nickname was Frater Perdurabo and The Great Beast 666 (The Great Beast), was an influential English occultist, mystic, alchemist, writer, poet, painter and ceremonial magician, who founded the religious philosophy of Thelema. He was a member of the esoteric organization Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawnas well as co-founder of the Astrum Argentum and, finally, leader of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.). Today he is known for his writings on magic, especially for The Book of the Law, the sacred book of ThelemaHe also wrote extensively on other subjects and genres, such as fiction and poetry.

Heinrich Luitpold Himmler (Munich, October 7, 1900 - Lüneburg, May 23, 1945) was a high-ranking Nazi officer, Reichsführer of the Schutzstaffel (SS), and one of the principal leaders of the Nazi Party (NSDAP) during the National Socialist regime. The Nazi leader Adolf Hitler appointed him for a brief period military commander of the Army of replacements and Plenipotentiary General for the administration of the entire Third Reich. Himmler was one of the most powerful people in Nazi Germany, and also one of the main people responsible for the Holocaust and many other Nazi crimes.

A bard, in the ancient history of Europe, was the person in charge of transmitting stories, legends and poems orally, as well as singing the history of their people in long recitative poems.


If we listen to the song 'Black Star'. from Elvis Presleyof which Bowie was undoubtedly fully aware, it is quite clear what the nature of this was. Black Star for Bowie and for ourselves. It should be noted that Bowie seems to have cleverly played on the fact that a black star is also a medical term, referring to a type of shadow that indicates cancer on X-rays.


On the esoteric level, the Major Tom represents the ascension of mortals to divinity. The skull encrusted with precious stones represents the ascension of the astronaut into divinity.

The name of the album itself, Blackstarrefers to an important hidden concept: Midnight Sun.

"When Apuleius said describing his initiation.". In the middle of the night I saw the sun shining with a splendid light. "The midnight sun was also part of the mystery of alchemy. It symbolized the spirit of man shining in the darkness of his human organisms. He also referred to the spiritual sun in the solar system, the mystic who could thus see midnight at noon, the material earth being powerless to obstruct the rays of that Divine orb. The mysterious lights which illuminate the temples of the Egyptian Mysteries during the night hours are said by some to be the reflections of the spiritual sun gathered by the magical powers of the priests. The strange light seen ten miles below the surface of the earth by the I-SOY-THE-MAN in that remarkable Masonic allegory Etidorhpa (Aphrodite spelled backwards) may well refer to the mysterious midnight sun of the ancient rites".

Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages.

Therefore, the video shows the various layers associated with occult knowledge. There are those who are in direct contact with their "true source"while the blind masses are fascinated by the bastardized version of it, sold by charismatic figures. David Bowie indicates that he is simultaneously a simple, blind human and an occult initiate - a blackstar.

In the video clip Blackstar... a solitary candle is found ... in the center of it all" may be a clue that refers to the ritual of Star Sapphire from Aleister Crowleyyour version Thelemic of the Sacred Hexagram: "In the center, who gives you the LVX signals."L.V.X. means the Latin word for light. The Sacred Hexagram refers to the decent from Kether to Malkuth:

"Dive from the height, O God, and meet Man! Dive from the height, O Man, and interlock with the Beast [i.e., matter]!" Crowley: "The Book of Lies."Chapters 36 and 69, London 1912 (1913?).

And again The Tarot card from Hanging Man, Bowie: "We were born backwards (I'm a star star) / I was born backwards (I'm not a white star, I'm a black star).". In the Christian context, the St. Peter the Apostle was crucified upside down, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Recently, a certain esoteric blogger called attention to the fact that the symbolism of the Skullthe candle and the desk in the video of the Lazarus from Bowie directly from the ancient and primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraim. A ritual structure that focuses on preserving Egyptian mysteries, Misraim had an enormous seminal influence on the other orders mentioned above, such as the Golden Dawn. The scene of Bowie on the desk in front of the emblems of Mortality and Imminent Deathis the essence of the lesson included in this Egyptian Ritewhich was transmitted to the world through the mysterious and legendary Count Cagliostro.


As I often explain to the visitors who come on my esoteric tours, "I have a lot of experience in the esoteric field. specialized of the Egyptian section of the British Museum. The art of alchemy originates in ancient Egypt. The true and original name of Egypt was KHEM o Khemet. A full explanation of this can be heard on my tours of the Egyptian section in the British museum, however, may I mention here that one of the key aspects of Alchemy, also known as the Great Work was the Black Sun or the Sol Niger "This represented an essential key to make the body fill with light during its dissolution process. The disciplines of Alchemy, Magic, Yoga, etc. may seem disparate concepts to the uninitiated, but they certainly should not be considered as essentially separate.

The black star, with its connotation of darkness, would normally be contrary to what is generally considered the pentagram. 'evil.

Bowie was thoroughly familiar with these ideas, as one of the titles mentioned in a recent list of his 100 favorite books was published with the transcendental magic of Eliphas Levi. The pentagrammatic star was especially known to the French occultists who were contemporaries of Eliphas Levi as the Flaming starThis star has always been a symbol of "light" and the powers of generation, as opposed to the darkness and the "degeneration". The inverted pentagram that we now often see used in many images of black metal bands is therefore representative of this Inverted light.

Let's go one step further and understand the use of the 'vertical' black star used by Bowie on the cover of his latest album. To get the full picture, we must consider the symbolic meaning of 'Reversion' to the Egyptians, who were the true source of the bulk of the symbolism used in the Western variants of esoteric traditions and currents that have come down to us since.

Reversions in the Osirian symbolism ...

In the image of OsirisThe ancient Egyptian lord of the underworld and of death, we classically see him holding the whip and the shepherd's crook. Otherwise, sometimes symbolically equivalent emblems are carried out (as in the photograph opposite). These, representing active and passive forces, are symbolically assigned to specific sides of the body. The sign formed by the crossed arms over the heart reverses these elements. This refers to a form of "investment in death"similar to the principle of a mirror. Following this kind of occult logic in the same way in this world of the living, the ordinarily straight pentagram of light, when inverted, is a symbol of darkness and corruption. The vertical star of darkness (the image of the black star on Bowie's album cover) when reflected, inverted on the "another world" of the dead, it would be a symbol of light.

For the ancient Egyptians, the star SIRIUS (Alt: Sothis) was a dual symbol of Light and Darkness. This star was also known as the star of the Dog, sometimes attributed to Anubisthe Black Jackal of the Egyptian pantheon. This star governed the opening of the passage of fertility and life, and also towards death.

The Egyptians worshipped Sirius for other very important and little-known reasons, of which I will mention again that they are covered in my seminars and my private visits to the British Museum.

Anubis was the deity closest to the deceased and in addition to being the embalmer of the corpse, he would also lead the newly dead to the court where the last meeting with the deceased could take place. OSIRIS (the lord of the underworld), after intense and vigorous trials. It is said in many accounts that at the conclusion of the Eleusinian Mysteries, the last and final mystery whispered to the candidate of the Mysteries was"Osiris is a black god.".

Speculation that Bowie may have intended Blackstar out, as Visconti said, a parting gift for his fans includes the suggestion that it may also be considered an act of high Magic where he may have imbued his 'memory' with ideas; musical concepts that would have been easier for him to traverse the transient point of consciousness at the point of death. We should remember Bowie's words that we mentioned in his NME interview earlier, where he talks about drawing portals into other dimensions, thus linking the dual worlds of life and death. This is not an extravagant idea for many still living traditions, such as that found in shamanic song or Tibetan verses to guide the soul during its transition.

There is a photograph of Bowie taken during its period of 'Thin white duke'. of his album Station to station'. (1976), where he is shown drawing the diagram of the Tree of life kabbalistic on the floor. This diagram, although it has changed at various points in history, has its origins in Egypt. She wears clothes with white diagonal lines across them. It seems no mistake that at the end of the video of his song Lazarus of the album BlackstarThe same garments were worn just before being locked in a closet, clearly symbolic of the Sarcophagus.

"Something happened the day he died
the spirit rose a meter and then moved aside
Someone else took his place and cried bravely
(I am a Blackstar, I am a Blackstar) "

There was a very distinct science behind the transition and the separation of the various 'parts that constitute what we consider a living being. There was a more devout belief and state of certainty about these various levels of being. In fact, this was the basis of all his spiritual work.

Could it be that Bowie the black star was intended to represent the recently deceased identity that takes the "place" of the living person at the time of death? Could all of this have been the version of the Bowie of the African concept of the soul by returning to its Star? This concept was the same in Egypt. Even the biblical theme of "Lazarus"used by Bowie as his last offering, is a symbol of resurrection (again, a concept and belief cherished in Ancient Egypt and parallel to the belief in the return to the true Star)

Even the famous magician Aleister Crowley promoted the beautifully positive sentence from his famous Book of the Law "Every man and every woman is a star.".

In the video of Blackstar, Bowie follows the orbit of what is supposed to be a star in the sky, holding an antique book adorned with the black star of the Pentagram to him.

"Osiris is a black god."

For the Egyptians, the sun was a god, and we know that all stars are really suns, our nearest star being our own sun. This fact is something the Egyptians also knew very well. Osiris was known as the Sun in Amenti (The underworld) ... considering this, we could easily replace this sentence

"Osiris is a Black God" with "Osiris is a Black Star".

For the Egyptians, even pronouncing the name of someone who had departed would brighten the second level of the Egyptian bodies (KA), catalyzing a process where after highly secret and highly specialized developments, this would allow them to become a star. in the sky.

"There's a man of the stars waiting in the sky.
He would like to come and meet us.
But he thinks we would be surprised "

In conclusion, it appears that Bowie may have been trying to build a magical bridge between the dual worlds of life and death, leaving for us a sign. To be made one with Osirismay it unfold, may it feel at ease and enter eternity through the field of reeds and partake of the divine dew of immortality. The latest album by David Bowie Blackstar could perfectly be considered a ritual drama, released on his birthday on January 8, 2016.


The album cover, like that of its predecessor The Next Day, was designed by Jonathan Barnbrook. The design consists of the drawing of a black star on a white background. The silhouette of the star occupies a large part of the image, except for the lower part, where the star is broken down into five different parts, which when viewed in detail form the word Bowie.



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