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Janneke van der Putten on USB (BCN, 09/28/18)

by Shak
(Photo par Gabriëlle Barros Martins.)
Janneke van der Putten is a visual artist and performer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her practice includes listening experiences, performances, sound and video, image/text/textile documentation, workshops, music projects and creating platforms for cultural exchange. Her voice is her main tool, guiding her through physical and sonic explorations in different landscapes, using techniques learned during years of study. Her music moves away from the usual parameters of the modern, where amplification and synthesis are the norm, and focuses on the simple resonance of the body, in the here and now. By interacting with specific sites and local contexts through her personal experiences, she investigates the (human) responses to her environment and their relationship to natural phenomena and transitions, such as the aurora.
   (MAREA festival Ravenna 2018.)
She graduated from TXT (Textile), Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Amsterdam) and completed her MMus in Artistic Research, Royal Academy of Art and Royal Conservatoire (The Hague). Between 2009 and 2015 he took Dhrupad singing classes (traditional classical music of North India) with Marianne Svašek and Amelia Cuni, and is self-taught in various extended vocal techniques. The project 'Invisible Architecture' with Christian Galarreta, for which they published a vinyl in 2014, has been presented in, among others, the Museum of Contemporary Art (Lima). In 2016 and 2017 she was co-curator of the Aloardi Festival 'Peruvian New Music & Arts', WORM (Rotterdam). Van der Putten regularly presents her work on the peninsula and has already performed at various venues in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Murcia, Pontevedra, Bilbao and Zaragoza. In 2018, for example, she performed at the Unión Simbiótica in Barcelona, an independent initiative at the University of Catalonia, as well as at the Festival Archipiélago at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid.
(Photo TAAK – Cobra Museum, 2018.)
The piece programmed at TeslaFM is the recording at Unión Simbiótica in Barcelona, made on September 28, 2018.

The Ka-band

by Shak

A piece referring to Johannes Kepler' s attempts to crack the code of interplanetary communication through mathematics and musical waves. We explore Kepler's thoughts towards his 1619 theories from his book Harmonice Mundi, to the present day discoveries of the Kepler spacecraft that are transmitted from outer space to Earth via Ka-band. The piece is composed of five movements with different musical themes inspired by and taken from his work Harmonice Mundi written in 1619.

1. Tetrahedron-Fire
2. Octahedron-air
3. Cube - the earth
4. Icosahedron-water
5. Dodecahedron-cosmos or ether

The monologue dares to make us think about the relationship between mathematics and music, and how these are constructed to effect mental and physical understanding in us, and to make us question whether the space we occupy (the Earth) is also trying to communicate with the other celestial bodies in the same galaxy. Astronomy and the exploration of the sky have been constant since humans first appeared on our planet. Thanks to great thinkers like Kepler, we have the scientific basis to advance the creation of new technologies to learn how to listen to the Universe. Perhaps, we will find other kinds of bands (frequencies) that we have not been able to receive so far. What would Kepler do today with the technology we have in our hands: would he continue the search for this information out there in the galaxy or would he search here on our planet for solutions to the mystery of the invisible but very powerful vibrations...?

Established on 12 May 2011.

Voice: Shak Benavides

Composition: Shak Benavides and Rosalind Harvey.

20 Years of Avanguarda, Industrial & Electronic Music in Spain, 2nd part

by Shak

PT. 2

120:47 Entr'acte - No es deixi vestir per una màquina (From the LP compilation "Domestic Sampler UMYU", Umyu 1982)
124:09 Segunda Época del Hombre - Estado Natural de Comportamiento (From the LP compilation "Conspiración", Discos Proceso Uvegraf 1986)
125:30 Javier Segura - No Mires Atrás (From the LP "Javier Segura", Jaja Records 1983)
129:44 Vagina Dentata Organ - Chant Premier (From the CD "Un Chien Catalan", WSNS 1994)
132:40 Xeerox - Untitled 7 (From the LP retrospective "1979 - 1981 [Recuerdo Espectral De Un Viejo Decorado Eléctrico], Anòmia 2013)
138:00 Diseño Corbusier - Internada (From the LP "Pérfido Encanto", Auxilio de Cientos 1985)
140:00 Esplendor Geométrico - Neuridina (From the K7 "Eg1", Geometric Splendor Records 1981)
143:55 Anton Ignorant - Banal (From the K7 compilation "Rythmetic - International Compilation", Fusion D.E. Producciones 1986)
148:00 Hegemonia - Sherehzade (From the CD album "Arabian Nights", PSM Music 1996)
149:36 Macromassa - Viejo León en Paris (Unpublished, available in the Podcast "Los Hechos Pérez, Material Extra", archive. org)
152:44 Javier Segura - El Hombre Moderno (From Lp "Nostalgia De Lo Humano", Jaja Records 1986)
157:38 La Fura dels Baus - Ninsey City (From Lp "Noun", Virgin 1990)
161:18 Mecanica Popular - Baku: 1922 (From Lp "Baku: 1922", Accidental Recordings 1987)
165:14 Corbusier Design - Coup de Guerre (From Lp "The Soul of the Star", Hundreds' Help 1986)
168:58 Air Lines - Benelux (From 7 inch "Landschaften / Benelux / Radiotron", Breakfast Discs, 1983)
172:20 La Caida de la Casa Usher - Insecticidios (From the self-released K7, 1984)
176:58 Logo - Teoría del Contacto (From the LP compilation "Domestic Sampler UMYU", Umyu 1982)
179:55 Metal and CA - Data (From 7″ "Data", Lollipop 1982)
184:42 Aviator Dro - Warsaw on Fire (From 7″ "Nuclear, Yes", DRO 1982)
187:59 Tenth Victim - The Sign of the Cross (First Model) (1982)
190:10 The Initiates - I am the Emptiness (From Lp "The Mark of Anubis", DRO 1982)
192:49 Macromassa - I Am Not the Ornithologist (From the compilation "The Last Eccentrics", Sculptured Sounds 1994)
195:59 Oviformia Sci - Fashion Magazines (Instrumental) (1981) (From Lp retrospective "We Talk About Us", Elefant 2014)
200:26 Viennese Line - Island of Sirens (Ulysses) (From Lp compilation "Non Plus Ultra 1980-1987″, Domestica 2012)
203:59 The Last Sleep - Lost in the Tunnel of Time (From 7" "The Tunnel of Time", Accident Recordings 1982)
207:06 New Buildings - Long Journey Stories (From 12″ "Your Message", Klamm Records 1984)
210:17 Fanzine - Sin Complicarme [Originally in Maquetas (1982-84)] (From Lp soundtrack of the film "El Futuro" by Luis López Carrasco, La Fonoteca 2015)
214:16 Claustrophobia - Paris Nostalgic (From Lp "Arrebato (Música per a Vetllades D'Intriga)", Wilde Rekords 1984)
219:51 Uvegraf - Refractiva Ocular Expo N.° 1 (From LP compilation "Conspiración", Discos Proceso Uvegraf 1986)
224:50 Terminal - Antigen Australia (From 7″ "Antigen Australia", Sonido y Tecnica SA, 1981)