Susana Lopez alias Susan Drone. Experimental composer, visual artist and performer.

He works with sound and light exploring how these intangible materials can act as catalysts focusing our consciousness and altering our perception.

Since 2009 he composes experimental, electronic, dark ambient, drone and post-minimalist music. In his compositions he uses field recordings, electronics and layers of vocal harmonics, creating dense clouds of hypnotic sound.


Noise as the ultimate weapon.
A space where we will analyze the relationship between sound experimentation and ideological militancy.
The control of noise and the institutionalization of silence are conditions of power, therefore, we will open the doors of the auditoriums to let in the noises of the street, we will finish off the music, we will blaspheme, we will criticize the codes and the networks.
Noise, electronic, experimental, industrial... Subversive music has always existed in rupture with religions and official powers, regrouping the marginalized and visionaries.

Produced by Susan Drone

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