Musician involved in different projects and collaborations over the years, the main of which have been SchwarzHe fronted the band for twenty years and recorded nine albums with it. He is currently part of Espiricomavant-trance-rock duo whose first album has just been released. He also does electronica (some would add the word "psychedelic", he prefers "esoteric") solo under the alias of Artificer, a project with which he has already released an LP and from which a second album will appear in mid-2019.


It is a program of music and words about occultism and visionary mind. Texts of recognized authors within occultism, esoteric philosophy and oblique thinking, and sounds evocative of elevated/alternative states of consciousness and transformative experiences. All this with a good dose of heterodoxy in both fields, as it should be.

Produced by Alfonso Alfonso.

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