Ishak Benavides produces Luna Llena, with the collaboration of Ea7_dmZ.

Ea7_dmZ is Miriam CasalShe is a classically trained Sevillian who set up her base camp in the city of Barcelona since the late 90s. Dj since then, she has been involved in the underground scene of the city, working in the production of festivals such as the LEMHe has also been involved in the organization of alternative festivals, in projects in which he can develop his musical facet or his love for interdisciplinary and interactive art.


Full Moon is a space of TeslaFM that is programmed every 28 days, coinciding with each full moon night. It is a channel to connect the free expression, the creative act, the artistic exercises with the influence of the satellite in the lunar states associated with madness and exalted emotions.

Produced by Ishak Benavides and Ea7_dmZ.

Full Moon #21 / + info The moon of Verne and Méliès

Full Moon #20 / + info Egypt and the moon

Full Moon #19 / + info A place in the cemetery

Full Moon #18 / + info The dark gift

Full Moon #17 / + info Mercury, sulfur and salt (alchemy)

Full Moon #16 / + info Unenlightened useless sciences [pataphysics].

Full Moon #15 / + info Dance, girl, dance

Full Moon #14 / + info Witchcraft and Heresy

Full Moon #13 / + info The spirit of Montmatre

Full Moon #12 / + info In the margins (madness)

Full Moon #11 / + info Lycanthropy

Full Moon #10 / + info Science and Spirituality

Full Moon #9 / + info Cabin fever

Full Moon #8 / + info The Sewing Circle

Full Moon #7 / + info Etüde um Der Blaue Engel 

Full Moon #6 / + info No desitjo un Estatú a ningú

Full Moon #5 / + info Spiritism and Amalia Domingo Soler

Full Moon #4 / + info The kingdom of Thanatos

Full Moon #3 / + info Tarot 1919 - 2019

Full Moon #2 / + info Dada and Avant-Garde Music

Full Moon #1 / + info Carmilla Deconstructed by J.Sheridan Le Fanu