Vulkana (aka Elena Azzedin) is an artist and curator of the platform AADK spain. Interested in the complexity of our species, she feeds on the stories that underlie creation.

Together with her colleagues from AADK, she develops a contemporary art project in a rural environment. This has generated a community of artists who have shared sound space with people from very different territorial and imaginary backgrounds. With this program she wants to delve into the universes and constellations of each of them.


Underneath the rales of the beginning of this century there is a multiple and arrhythmic heartbeat that travels in different directions. A syntax in continuous change that unites and alters those it crosses. In "Rhizome"We will move under the surface, in the subway layers of sound creation, where everything is interconnected and vibrations are everywhere. Discover with me the stories that compose these sounds.

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