It is The Brave Sleep AloneHe is part of the A Team of the Felguera editorial magazine, Agent Provocateur. He directs the edition of Ajoblanco Notebooks (revision of originals from the first period of the libertarian magazine Ajoblanco). He collaborates in the history portal, Being Historical. He has collaborated for years as an illustrator in Ubiquity Records and columnist in Funk Link and Series B Magazine. Founder of the collective Upper Egypt Series and Quaderns el serrucho.


Different languages wander through space like groaning cello strings in a grotesque and kaleidoscopic collage. They are heard destined to cross each other between jumps of free impro. It is neither countryside nor city. Boskand, buskar, poem, program, fugue, polifonia, boskejo.

Produced by The Brave Sleep Alone.

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