David Puente is a professor of Communication and a journalist specialized in music, less and less modern. He has worked for clubbingspain for 16 years and has collaborated in media like This is Underground, ScannerFM o RNEand currently leads the radio show "Je suis de la Martinique" at dublab.es. He can also be seen playing with his Anglo-Saxon alter ego, Dave Bridge. Modest deejay who has played music in events of certain importance such as Sónar, Lo-li-ta, La Paloma or the Freedonia.

Je suis de la Martinique


The intention at TeslaFM is to present you every month a sound collage with which to celebrate special dates (and to save). Give it a date and it sculpts a memory for you. Give it an hour of your life and it introduces you to a new artist every month. Produced by David Puente.

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