Mar Phonoll was born between microphones and wild fennel. She is interested in interconnected life and good living. At the age of 5 she began to sing to the moon and today she writes poetry, collects herbs and fruits to make liqueurs, and is curious among wine growers and alchemists who know how to make wine. She cooks, eats, drinks, prints and binds with her partner. Oliver Mancebowith whom she is part of the gastro-artistic collective Mancebía Postigo.


At Onda Ramera We hang a bouquet on the studio door and tune in to the harlot in us. And with the barmaid. And with the witch. A sonic and promiscuous experiment where ecofeminists, biodynamic agriculture, astrology, tarot, folklore and natural viticulture converge.

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Onda Ramera #4 / + info November 2023

Onda Ramera #3 / + info October 30, 2023

Onda Ramera #2 / + info October 2, 2023

Onda Ramera #1 / + info September 2023