Artist and composer of experimental music, who walks through soundscapes and abstract compositions. Darkness, noise and silence, have always been an important element of her creations. In 2016 she made a sound piece based on the sounds of the Ebro Delta, a microscope and PureData, shown live at Arts Santa Mònica. Nikka has been creating music since 2005. The Baltic Sea From my Window is his latest vinyl, recorded and mastered during his residence at Alpha Studio at VICC


A radio proposal where uncertainty, cosmic disorder and chaos exist, but where cosmic order and harmony. This Program uses the metaphor of DIGITAL ENTROPY, to promote the different forms of that noise acquires within music, sound art, electroacoustics, installations, etc. soundscapes, soundscapes, synthesizers and code programmers' music.
In opposition to order there is chaos, and in between... the program of Nikka Bionikka.

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